KISS & Tell MORE! by Gordon G.G. Gebert

KISS & Tell MORE! by Gordon G.G. Gebert
19.95 or 9.99 Kindle
Length: Complete Non-Fiction
Publisher: Pitbull Publishing LLC
Publication Year: MCMXCVIII
ISBN: 9780965879415
The sequel to the smash hit book KISS & Tell by Gordon G.G. Gebert and Bob McAdams. KISS & Tell MORE documents the insane, hilarious fallout from die-hard Ace Frehley/KISS fans as Gordon confronts fans online and confrontational radio interviews. KISS & Tell MORE also contains more incredible stories from KISS insiders; comedian Frank D'Amico, Joe Renda, Ron Leejack (Wicked Lester guitarist) Photo spread of KISS Secretary Stacy E. Walker and Carrie Stevens. "I found the Ace book (KISS & Tell) very interesting." Gene Simmons / Metal Edge Magazine "KISS & Tell is the most inside, no holds barred look at KISS or any band, that I've ever read." Bubba The Love Sponge / WXTB - Tampa 98 Rock Radio "Gordon, I laughed... I cried... Tell me more!" Drew / Drew and Mike Morning Show / 101 WRIF Radio / Detroit, Michigan "Be careful Gordon - We're coming out with a tell-all book about you. We only hope it's as interesting as KISS & Tell." Tim and Mark / Tim and Mark Morning Show / 93.3 KDKB / Mesa, Arizona "I think KISS & Tell is dynamite! I really couldn't put it down." Todd Stone / WVRK 102.9 / Columbus, Georgia "I got halfway through the book then my wife stole it from me and read it. She's a big Ace Frehley fan. This book is very good." Mike Rappaport / WKLC Rock 105 / St. Albans, Virginia "Congratulations on the book... I hope you sell a gazillion copies!" Ted Nugent / WWBR 102.7 / Jackson, Michigan Musician, turned author, of the most controversial tell-all rock book to come along since "Hammer of the Gods," "Hit Men," and "I'm With The Band: Confessions of a Groupie." says : "Controversy has become my middle name. Can I handle it? The real question is CAN YOU?"
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Congratulations on proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the first book KISS & TELL was not a bunch of made up lies. I thoroughly enjoyed the additional chapters especially the ones written by Joe Renda, and Frank D’Amico!

The controversial documents included reveals not only inside info on KISS, but shows how deranged and delusional alot of the fans really are. Loved reading it…. What’s next?

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