About Gordon G.G. Gebert

Gordon has been working in the Entertainment Business since he began playing Keyboards in the 1970’s. Professional musician, best-selling author, producer, creator, entrepreneur – Gordon has his hands in all media – video, audio, composition, writing, blogging.

Author of the hit books KISS & Tell, KISS & Tell MORE! and Rock & Roll War Stories. Upcoming titles include On a Wing and a Prayer With ANGEL, KISS Stalker Unmasked, INSANE Crazy Eddie and The Clock.

Gordon has over 39 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry and is passionate about exceeding all your expectations.

Born in the city of Yonkers, New York, the second born of three talented brothers, Gordon’s original ambition was to become an astronaut.
“I grew up watching the Apollo missions. Damn, I wanted to go up with them when I was a kid. But in reality, I’d probably be screaming like Bugs f#@king Bunny if I was thrown into one of those rockets.”
The middle initials G.G. are actually names – Gerald and Giles.

He has performed/recorded/toured with many artists including ANGEL, Ace Frehley (KISS), Motley Crue, Vince Martell (Vanilla Fudge), Marty Balin (Jefferson Starship), Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel), Joey Ramone, Matt Sorum (Guns ‘n Roses), etc…
One of the most exotic places, that not many people can say they’ve been to, was Thule AFB, Greenland near the North Pole.

“One of the coolest moments in my life was when my idol, Keith Emerson, asked me to autograph his personal copy of KISS & TELL.”

The sky’s the limit for Gebert. What’s next for this Musician / Author / Producer / Entrepreneur? STAY TUNED!

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